Marketing analytics is all about trends, but we often want to take a closer look at what our website visitors do once they arrive at our site. With Oribi you can:

  • Track every action single visitors take, even across different sessions

  • Filter sessions by length, action, and more

  • Find patterns in the behavior of your top converting visitors

Follow individual visitors through your site. Track each one of their actions across different sessions. See how your top converting visitors navigate through your site and discover patterns.

In this article, you'll learn about:

Visitor List

This section is an index of all your visitors. Use it to look up interesting journeys, as well as specific patterns. The default sorting is by Last Seen, so the visitors at the top of the list are those who are currently on your site or the most recent visitors.

For each visitor, you’ll see:

  • ID - Every visitor on your site is given a unique, permanent ID in Oribi for easier recognition and to enable the tracking of this visitor across different sessions.

  • Initial Channel - See where the visitor initially found your site, which will help you better understand their journey. Did they reach your site after searching on Google or did an interesting picture on Instagram lead them to you? When you enter a visitor's journey, you will see all their sessions, including the channel they arrived from each time.

  • Last Seen - Track your visitors' latest activities to detect the most recent visitors.

  • Number of Sessions - Identify whether the visitor is new or returning, as well as the number of visits they've had to your site. This lets you detect visitors who have been visiting your site for months and understand what's driving them back.

  • City and Country - See where specific visitors come from to detect potential usage patterns and activities.

  • Platform - Explore the platform and browser each visitor uses.

  • Activity - Reveal a visitor's level of activity on your site. Visitors with low activity visited your site briefly and left, while visitors with a high activity engaged more deeply with your site.

Visitor Journeys - visitor list


Use the Custom filters to have a look into specific journeys. You can filter by:

  • Buttons Clicked - Follow visitors who clicked a specific button, such as completing the checkout or downloading your eBook. You can choose any Magic Event or click.

  • Pages Visited - Filter visitor sessions to a specific page, such as your pricing page, or a group of pages, like all your blog pages.

  • Number of Sessions - Take a look at the visitors who had a specific number of sessions, such as returning visitors with more than four sessions.

  • Session Duration - Search for long or short sessions to track their patterns.

  • Referrer - Filter by visitors coming from specific referrers, such as anyone coming from Facebook.

  • Country - View journeys of visitors from a specific country to reveal different behaviors.

  • Platform - Select the visitors coming from a specific platform, such as those who come from mobile.

You can also use the default filters:

  • Highly Active Visitors shows you the most engaged visitors on your site.

Tip: Click on "Export to CSV" to export selected visitor journeys. This way, you can explore specific visitor segments, answer much more complex queries about them and find patterns in their behavior.

Individual Visitor Journeys

Clicking on a visitor in the list will reveal his/her entire history. You'll see a list of all the sessions they performed, as well as the exact path and interactions during each session.

For each session, you’ll see every page visited and every button clicked, as well as how much time the visitor spent on each page. Use this section to figure out why your visitors are signing up, purchasing, or performing any other desired actions on your site.

The coffee icon represents idle time, where the visitor either left the browser open or switched tabs.

Visitor Journeys - visitor sessions
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