Use Event Correlations to:

  • Find out how specific events affect your conversions

  • Reveal the actions you should focus your visitors on to improve conversions

Does reading your blog increase the number of signups? Are visitors who saw the pricing page more likely to convert? Event Correlations help you find the answers.

Event Correlations

How to Build a Correlation

  1. Go to the Event Correlation section and select to Create a new Correlation.

  2. Define the event whose impact you'd like to understand.

  3. Choose which conversion you're interested in. In the drop-down, your Magic Events are displayed first, followed by any button click or page visit Oribi tracked on your site.

  4. Give your correlation a name.

  5. In the last step, you can customize the default text of your correlation.

  6. Once saved, you'll find your new correlation in the Correlations section.

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