• How do privacy-related browser updates affect Oribi?

Privacy-related browser updates (such as ITP) don’t affect Oribi’s ability to help you understand your website visitors since Oribi’s solution utilizes a first-party cookie. First-party cookies are hosted on visitors’ browsers directly by the website they are visiting, which means that Oribi can access data for the website visitors are currently on (given that Oribi is installed on that site) and cannot connect that with data from other domains.

  • So who would be affected by such browser updates?

Analytics and advertising tools that use third-party cookies (that is, get data from websites with a different URL than the one the visitor sees in the URL bar) will need to find different solutions due to privacy-related updates such as iOS 14.5. Ad networks that enable display ads that “follow” the visitors across different domains are a good example of that. Oribi, however, will not be impacted by such updates.

  • Will first-party cookies be banned in the future?

First-party cookies are considered safe and are widely used. Their usage status isn’t likely to change. The end of first-party cookies would mean your browser wouldn’t remember your passwords for a fast login, and that your Amazon cart wouldn’t remember what you just added if your browser closed by accident. You can see how that would create a bad user experience. Therefore, it isn’t likely to happen. Oribi will be able to continue helping you understand your visitor both now and in the future.

  • But still, what will happen if first-party cookies will be banned too?

We’ll be ready. Our R&D team is constantly monitoring the relevant tech landscape and has already started working on solutions in the domain of AI-based tracking so Oribi can even help with cross-domain analytics (which is not currently possible following the privacy-related updates).

Cookies or no cookies, you are truly in good hands.

Sincerely, The Oribi Team

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