Q: Can I see the data associated with my Magic Events only from the time I define them?

A: Oribi tracks all your button clicks and page visits from the moment you connect Oribi to your site. That means your event data is retroactive.

Q: Can I edit or delete my Magic Events?

A: Yes! Navigate to the Manage Events page and click on the small "trashcan" icon to delete the Magic Event or the "pencil" icon to edit it.

Q: Will a new button be added to the Magic Event automatically? What about a new page?

A: Oribi automatically detects changes in your site. If the button you added meets the Magic Event’s definition, it will be added automatically (you can also make sure it will add any button that contains this phrase). This is also true for new pages. For example, let’s say you have a Magic Event that groups all your blog posts, allowing you to see how blog visitors convert. If you add a new post to your blog, that new post will automatically be added to your Magic Event.

Q: I can’t find a certain event. What can I do?

A: If you can’t find a button or page in your list of events, it is most likely due to one of these two reasons:

  • The event hasn’t occurred recently. Oribi detects events as they are performed. So, if you can't find an event, it was most likely not performed in the last 30 days (or since you installed your tracking code). Simply go to your site, click the button or visit the page in question, and come back to Oribi. Refresh your account and try searching for the event again.

  • The event is in an iFrame. An iFrame embeds content from another website into yours. Because the other website is not connected to your tracking code, analytics tools cannot automatically track events that occur in an iFrame. You can either add Oribi's code into the iFrame or use a custom event to import that action using Oribi’s JavaScript API.

  • Your button is an image. If the event you're looking for is a button click and the button is an image, Oribi won’t be able to “read” its text. Simply click Start from Scratch”, then Button, and search for the button.

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